Vacuum machine unit

The vacuum assembly is intended for the production of marmalades, jams, jellies, preserves, tomato puree and other concentrated products. It is a single-body vacuum-vaporizer with a steam mantle, connected to a vacuum system, through a condenser. The boiling of the products takes place in vacuum. the secondary vapours are condensed in the condenser, and the non-condensed gases are sucked out by the vacuum system.
various products may be processed, applying different technologies, because the temperature of processing may vary between 60°С and 100°С.
This universal application allows the unit to be used year-round, ensuring perfect economic efficiency. Contents of the vacuum unit
The vacuum assembly consists of:
1.1. Vacuum unit – 2 pcs
1.2. Condenser
1.3. Vacuum pump
1.4. Frame
1.5. Distribution board
1.6. Instrumentation – set
1.7. Pipe suction connections
1.8. Fittings – set

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Useful capacity

up to 300 litres

up to 600 litres

Installed capacity

13 kW

26 kW

Steam pressure

2 kg/cm2

2 kg/cm2


600-650  mmHg

600-650  mmHg

Boiling temperature (in vacuum)

65 °С

65 °С


2600 mm



1600 mm

2200 mm


2900 mm

3200 mm