HIDROPLASTFORM OOD is a company registered in 1990, as the object of activity includes: design, implementation, production, mounting, and service of machine and equipment for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry, as well as non-standard equipment per customer request.
Through the recent years the company has been exporting its production to the markets of Russia, Turkey, Albania, Ukraine, USA, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, China and other countries.

HIDROPLASTFORM OOD has its own production facility with area of 4100 sq. m.

The production workshop and the administrative premises have built-up area of 1 247 sq. m. In 2014, a new production building was gradually built and commissioned, with area of 630 sq. m., where machines and equipment with large diameter, height and weight are manufactured.

Work model

The technological process follows several subsequent stages, which can generally be summarized in the following way:


Conclusion of a manufacturing contract

Conclusion of a manufacturing contract with a customer and delivery of a certain product.


Development of technological documentation

Development of the constructive and technological documentation.


Inventory tracking

Tracking the availability of the materials, completing equipment and tools in accordance with the prepared documentation.


Production of elements for cutting out

The elements for cutting out are produced of various types of sheet metals and profiles.


Production of elements for mechanical processing

The elements needing mechanical processing are produced.


Assembly of the produced elements

The produced elements of the specific product are accepted for assembly.


Inspection and testing of the product

The finished product is inspected and transferred in the warehouse for finished production.


Delivery and maintenance of your machine

The finished machine is delivered and technological maintenance is performed.

All safety and quality requirements for the used raw materials and the finished product are observed during the entire technological process.

Development through the years

The development of HIDROPLASTFORM OOD in the recent years has been in developing and implementing more and more complex machines, equipment and complete technological lines with high level of automation. The complexity of the machines leads to the use of more accurate and precise elements, processed on metal-cutting, welding and folding machines. Since the company is specialized in the production of non-standard equipment, many of the developments begin with the so-called “zero” cycle – production of a prototype installation, which predetermines the necessity to use effective (high capacity and flexibility when manufacturing the different elements) machines and equipment. The workshops, introduced by HIDROPLASTFORM OOD are characterized with compactness of the situated equipment, quick installation and mobility.

Positions on the market

The products manufactured by HIDROPLASTFORM OOD are a result of market studies and the vast experience of the enterprise in the field. The variety and uniqueness of the manufactured machines, as well as the high quality at relatively low price are a main advantage. In their first year in 1990, the co-founders of HIDROPLASTFORM OOD found their place in a market, well-known to them, which, along with their entrepreneurship, readiness to take a risk, and the available contacts, played a key role for the successful first steps of the registered collective company.

A leader in the production of horizontal autoclaves in Bulgaria both for sterilization of cans and rubber, plastic and silicone products. Over 40 horizontal autoclaves have been produced for Teklas Holding in their factories in Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Serbia and China.

All big manufacturers in the can industry of Bulgaria work with our machines, equipment and installations, such as: Katrin-Ko EOOD, the town of Rakovski (Rubicon); Dioni OOD, the town of Stara Zagora; Konex Tiva – the village of Orizovo; Deroni OOD, the town of Haskovo; Olinesa OOD, the city of Sofia; Bella Bulgaria AD, the city of Sofia