Spherical heads

Heads are made of a material, as requested by the client

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• Capacity – 300 litres
• Installed capacity – 19 kW
• Fast-moving mixer of the “dissolver” type – 1500 min-1
• Anchor mixer with teflon blades – 22 min-1
• Equipped with a lifting device
• The process is carried out, using a vacuum system
• The heating in the mantle is provided by an external heat source
• The material of the internal tank – AISI 316 L acid-resistant
• Screw-type stainless pump
• Illuminated observation window
• Distr. board, instrumentation
Note: As an option, the screw stainless pump may be replaced by a homogenization pump.
We manufacture Multi-homogenizer with V=50 l; 200 l; 500 l and 1000 l