Thermal moulding of extruded hoses production line


1.Tunnel furnace with metal conveyor
Length L=11 250mm and working width В=900mm with three fans and six heating sections. Drive – reducer – convex-cylindrical and reinforced chain 3/4″ t= 19.05, i=162, N=0,37kW, n=900об/min
1. Load-bearing frame of the furnace, accommodating the cooling strip with nozzles
2. Cooling strip with nozzles with built-in chiller tray underneath the belt B=975mm, L=7200mm
3. Conveyor belt, rubber, downwstream of the cooling tunnel B=1000mm, L=4000mm
4. Output reversible belt with two levels of vertical lifting with chain
B=1000mm, L=1600mm
5. Double reversible input and output belt, with two levels of vertical lifting with a chain – 1 pcs
B=1000mm, L=2000mm with two levels of vertical lifting.
6. Pneumatic table for roller loading
B=750mm , L=2000mm
7. (Holder) Furnace for heating of details, before their placement in the moulds – 5 levels